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James "Buster" Douglas
Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion February 11, 1990  

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James “Buster” Douglas has a long-history of mentoring youth and supporting charitable causes. His World Championship 30th Anniversary is a fundraiser for Brightway Center. Buster is an advocate for helping formerly incarcerated individuals reenter the community and become contributing citizens. Busters supports one of the most affective reentry agencies in the country—MCS-T.O.U.C.H. headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
Brightway Center
What is Brightway Center?

Established in 1997, Brightway Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is the life-long vision of educator, coach, mentor and philanthropist, Kara Bright. The organization serves youth in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

What are the primary services provided by Brightway Center?

The organization administers educational programs across curriculum, including life skills coaching and mentoring. The curriculum emphasizes character and leadership development. Program delivery is flexible and courses can be provided on-site at any appropriate location, or at Brightway Center’s 177-acre facility. Courses are available online as well.

How many youth does Brightway Center serve?

The organization provided programs for over 4,500 youth in 2018 and the number served continues to increase each year as Brightway Center rolls out a strategic plan for Central Ohio.

How does Brightway Center evaluate and measure success?

The organization utilizes a metrics designed for each program to track the achievement of learning and retention goals. At the end of each program, the metrics quantify the specified data points and provide information to evaluate programs and make appropriate adjustments.

What is Brightway Center’s success rate?

The focus is on three (3) key success factors:
  • Youth retention over a three-year period is the single most important factor. The organization’s success rate is 70%.
  • Subject matter retention across curriculum is another key focus. The aggregate rate of retention for all participants is 67%.
  • The key qualitative factor is instructor and facilitator formal feedback. The success rate for this factor has improved over the years to 100%.

How will the requested support help Brightway Center achieve its service and program goals?

Based on projections, every $1 in sponsorship will create $3 for the organization’s operating budget due to funds generated by other revenue streams such as table/ticket sales, collateral events, advertising and promotional fees. The organization’s program model and delivery system are scalable. The cost per youth is $60. Supporting this fundraiser could enable the organization to serve an additional 800 youth in Central Ohio.


MCS-T.O.U.C.H. has provided programs and wrap-around services for over 7,000 formerly incarcerated men and woman. The organization has developed the THINK Curriculum to correct the eleven thinking errors that experts find lead to dropping out of school, poverty and criminal behavior. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the THINK Curriculum has an 88% success rate, preventing individuals from returning to prison and helping them find and maintain living wage employment.
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