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James "Buster" Douglas
Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion February 11, 1990  

Launching New Programs
The James “Buster” Douglas World Championship 30th Anniversary is a fundraiser for Brightway Center - an established youth organization providing programs that foster character and leadership development. This fundraiser will enable Brightway Center to launch three new programs to serve 800 individuals in 2020.

Workforce Development

We Are Family:
The Youth Diversity Initiative

Against All Odds:
42 to 1 Stories Told Live

The THINK Curriculum (designed and administered by MCS-T.O.U.C.H.) is responsible for transforming the lives of over 7,000 formerly incarcerated men and women in Franklin County who gained and sustained living wage employment. The THINK Curriculum has am 88% success rate measured by the US Department of Labor metrics. Brightway Center’s goal is to expand the application of the curriculum to include chronically unemployed individuals in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.
Sports personalities and celebrities are committing to celebrate the 30th anniversary by supporting Brightway Center’s vision for We Are Family: The Youth Diversity Initiative. Diversity experts who until now focused on diversity in the workplace are buying into the importance of providing training for youth. Brightway Center’s goal is to engage secondary school students and provide educational activities to help shape their attitudes about diversity.

Experts will seek out stories about entrepreneurs, disabled persons and troubled youth beating the odds to become successful adults. Those selected will receive coaching from the experts before telling their stories in front of a live audience at events held around the city throughout the year. This platform was inspired by the acclaimed ESPN documentary, 42 to 1, chronicling Buster Douglas’s incredible victory over Mike Tyson, when he beat 42 to 1 odds to become the undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World.

A Buster Douglas Motivation Video

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how."   
- Friedrich Nietzsche